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Next week we return for a brand new school year!!!!

While I’m sad to end my summer of endless planning and spending hours of coffee drinking on my front porch, I’m also excited to start implementing all the lessons and activities I’ve been creating!

I’ll be teaching a little Kindergarten this year along with first and third grade.   I’ll be using a lot of the curriculum I’ve been creating over the summer and working along side a lot of other teacher bloggers.  This year is going to be epic!

This will mark the 4th year of homeschooling and my 12th year of teaching!

I’ve spent this morning getting all of my lesson plans for next week ready.  You can click on the picture to see plans for each grade.  The first plan is for First Grade.

We begin school on Tuesday and the last day I have extra students with us is on Thursday.  For that reason I only plan out three days (Monday we have tutorial) and Fridays we do more field trip type activities.  We also finish up any work we didn’t get to during the week.

I already have the kids’ first day packets ready for when they first walk in.  You can click on the picture to take you to the product.

Fun with Firsties



First Day of Third Grade



coloring sheets


After everyone comes in and gets settled we’ll begin our Back to School Scavenger Hunt!

clue #3 card


This will give the kids a fun way to interact with each other, to get a tour of where we’ll be doing different activities in our homeschool, and to introduce our vocabulary for the the month.

The last clue will lead us to our classroom where we’ll begin our daily calendar journals.  I will model how to complete the first page with them.  You can click on the picture to take you where you can download them.

calendar/math notebooks

calendar/math notebooks

Then we have a morning meeting.  I talk about how we are a fun, happy family and it’s important to remember our school belongs to all of us.  Everything in the classroom, project room, reading room belongs to us.  When we make a mess (and believe me, we will!) we all have to work together to clean it up.

Then we have our greeting.  We go around in a circle and say “HI.  My name is _______.”

Now, normally we’ll do this before going upstairs into the classroom, but the first day of school is different.  The Scavenger Hunt will take a big chunk of time, but I want something fun and exciting to get them excited for school!

Next, we’ll practice rotations.  I’ll work on a Morning Flow Map with the K5-First Graders while my Third Graders work on a classroom scavenger hunt.

classroom scavenger hunt


Then my K5-First Graders will work on their first poem while I go over the new vocabulary words with my third graders.



poetry sight words2

Then to practice a little math workshop, my K5-First Graders will do a little exploring with the math tubs while my third graders begin to construct their math journals.

math tubs6 math tubs5

Then I’d better let those littles have a snack.  I’m sure they’ll be asking about snack the minute they come in the door.  After a nice snack and a few minutes outside with their bubbles (first day of school gift) it will be time to come in to decorate their reading boxes for Daily 5.

week 5 pics18

Ya’ll, I’m exhausted already!

Here’s the Back to School Super Sleuths unit I’ll be using with my Third Graders!  Check it out out on sale in the Thematic Bundle at Build Your Own Bundle!

Back to School SS cover


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