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Daily Math Notebooks

Have you begun to plan for the new school year? Homeschoolers usually begin planning months in advance to make sure they have their curriculum ordered and ready to go before beginning in the fall. Even if you haven’t, I’ve got you covered with FREE daily math notebook activities you can just print right off of your computer!

I LOVE planning and getting ready for a new school year. Everything is fresh and new. This year I’ve decided to go back to beginning our academic day with Erica’s Daily Learning Notebooks. I used these Daily Math Notebooks a couple of years ago and wasn’t happy with the way I utilized them. This year I’m going to give them another go.

calendar/math notebooks

calendar/math notebooks

Let me tell you why I like these:

For my K5 Learners
Practice writing the days of the week
Number recognition
Number writing practice

For my First Graders
Order of the days of the week
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Writing the date practice
Number recognition
Even or odd Practice
Ordinal numbers
Number word writing practice
Place value practice
Temperature observing practice

For my Third Graders
Cursive writing practice
Place value practice

I honestly wasn’t going to do one with my third graders, but my Kindhearted Princess saw me putting them together for my first graders and requested that the third graders do one, too. And I’m thrilled to have found one in cursive! Thanks, Erica!

Do you do daily calendar/math journals? If so, how do you do yours? I’d love to see what other homeschoolers and classroom teachers do!

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