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Our Week With The Worms

Last week I shared our Diary of a Worm literature study.   We completed the unit at school this week and I’m ready to share it with you!  This unit was a great way to review students on Kindergarten skills and merge them with a few first grade skills.  It was also a great way for me to see where we will need to begin in the fall.

Diary of a Worm Review Collage

We distributed these lessons over 5 days.  And since we’re a little more lax in the summer, we spent the majority of the time on reading skills.

Day 1

Our week began  decorating our cover of “Our Week With The Worms”.  I just typed up a cover sheet so we could make a little booklet of all the activities we completed at the end of our week.

worm week 17        worm week 1

After we all finished our book covers, we painted containers for our worm habitats.  Since worms like to be in the dark, we tried really hard to paint our containers as dark as possible.  (I used containers I had left over from lentils purchased at the farmer’s market)

worm week 13

To begin our literacy lessons, I started the first graders on a “long a” poem.  We reviewed “silent e” on the end of a word makes the vowel say it’s name.  Then we read through the poem of the week and circled all of the “long a” words.

worm week 12

I used the word family printable from my Diary of a Worm packet to assess what was learned from Kindergarten.

worm week 113

My 4 year olds began to work on the word family -an.  I found a great resource from Lavinia Pop.

worm week 112

When the worm habitats were dry, we went out to Miss Lynn’s yard to build our habitats.  After we filled it with soil we went on a worm hunt.

We found some!

worm week 19

We added bits of carrot peels and egg shells to our habitats and left them alone.

worm week 15

Day 2

We began our literacy studies by reading “Diary of a Worm“.  Then we filled in a story element printable.

worm week 16

We read a lot of facts about worms and ended the day by having a worm race.  No hands.  No legs.  No eyes.  Lots of fun!

worm week 111

Day 3

Day 3 began with a fun game of “Build the Worm”  Before the kids got here for school I cut two different colored pieces of yarn the same length.  Then I cut each piece into 6 shorter pieces.  I hid the pieces out in Miss Lynn’s yard.

When the kids all got here, I broke them into two teams.  One group was to hunt for the pink yarn and the other group was to hunt for the red.  They were to tie all of their pieces of yarn together to see who had the longest worm.

worm week 18

We also worked on vocabulary.  I chose 5 words from “Diary of a Worm” and my first graders came up with definitions for each word.  Then they chose one and wrote it in a sentence.

worm week 110        worm week 14

My third grader used a leveled reader from Reading A-Z.  We had fun reading and finding out answers to the questions we had about worms.

end of the worms1

Because we had a little time left, my first graders worked on their 100’s chart.

worm week 11

Day 4

My kindhearted Princess used a nonfiction leveled reader from Reading A-Z to practice main idea and details.  This is such a difficult skill for kids.

end of the worms5

My 6 year olds practiced fact and opinion.  They used the fact and opinion cards from my Diary of a Worm packet to organize the sentences.  We used a pocket chart, but you could easily do this on the floor or on a table.

end of the worms2

I’m so thankful to my friend who used to be a Kindergarten teacher.  She gave me so many valuable resources to use with the kiddos.  This board is one of my favorites.  The 6 year olds practiced spelling CVC words with it last week.

end of the worms3

For a fun science project we made Frankenworms!  Thanks to Pinterest I found this fun idea at Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits.

end of the worms4end of the worms6

end of the worms7

Day 5

For the last day of our worm unit. we began by adding another page into our worm books.  We wrote our opinions about worms.

end of the worms8

My 8 year old wrote out sentences about her opinions.

end of the worms9

The 6 year olds also read and solved the emergent reader word problems.

end of the worms13

Rowdy in Room 300 had a great glyph activity.

end of the worms15

end of the worms16

end of the worms17

We made preparations for our worm party.  We prepared worm ice cubes by placing gummy worms into ice cube trays and filling them up with green juice.

end of the worms10

end of the worms11

end of the worms18

We also made spaghetti hot dogs.  We stuck dry spaghetti through cut up hot dogs.

end of the worms14

Then we cooked them.

For dessert we made dirt pudding cups.  Complete with gummy worms!

end of the worms20

end of the worms21

end of the worms22

Probably the neatest treat of all was our jello worms.  By following this recipe from Pinterest we made really cool looking worms we could eat!

end of the worms23

end of the worms24

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