Little Log Cottage School

Setting Up Inviting Workstation Desk

Happy Summer Friends!  How many of you set household goals for the summer?  Right now I’m knee deep in a decluttering mission.  I’ve gone through the kids’ closet, their dresser, my closet, my dresser, and both attic closets.  I know we gave away at least 10 bags of clothes and it feels GOOD!

This “little” project was inspired by a new favorite home blog of mine The Inspired Room.  Have you heard of it?  If you like to decorate or attempt DIY projects, this blog is for you!  Anyway, thanks to spending many hours looking through here, I decided to do a little furniture rearranging.  In doing so I accidentally created work spaces through out the house that have really inspired my kids and me to get some work done!

Teacher Workstation Desk

As many of you know, my husband built and designed an amazing desk for himself.  I’m smiling as I write this because this now magnificent desk has now become my teacher desk.  It’s the perfect size for my desk calendar, computer, laminator, and two printers,  There’s still space for my three-ring hole punch and various other teacher must haves.  I used to work on a little desk in the hall under the staircase.  If I ever had a kid on the computer and the other kids working on a project, I would have to walk back and forth to monitor their efforts.  If I ever wanted to show the kids a project or video on the computer, we would all have to squeeze around the little desk in the hall and then walk back to the dining room to begin the project.  It was not the most ideal set up. Since school has been out, I’ve had time to relocate my computer and other equipment to the dining room where the kids work.  My work station sits next to two windows where I get plenty of light and it’s right next to the kids while they work.  Now we won’t have to traipse through the house to go from the computer to our work area.  It’ll save us a lot of time and frustration.

hallway deskteacher desk station

before teacher work station                         after teacher work station

Reading Nook

After we purchased our house 5 years ago, we hired a stager to come help up us with paint color and furniture placement.  (It’s really worth the money to hire a professional to just tell you what to do instead of wasting time and money trying to figure it out yourself)  She thought putting a reading chair in the hallway under the staircase would be a better choice then my little desk and computer.  At the time I didn’t really have another place to put the computer so I just left it. Since I was able to move my work station to the dining room I couldn’t wait to create a reading nook.

This chair was bought at consignment from an old hotel right after my husband and I were married.  It was a disgusting pink color so my ambitious husband reupholstered it in this funky material.  We had it stashed in our closet because we hadn’t really found a place for it.  Since I had decluttered all of our clothes in our closet, I was able to take this bad boy down to the hallway to create the reading nook.  We now have a lovely little space to veg out and read during the day.  My 8 year old adores it!  It’s been the best thing to encourage reading.  Sometimes I’ll find her curled up in this chair with her book.

reading nook

Writing Desks

Remember my little teacher desk I was using in the hallway under the staircase?  Since I moved it to create our reading nook, I needed a place to put it.  I rearranged my sitting room and moved the desk into there.  To my surprise and delight it looked perfect!  Within minutes my kids claimed a table and declared it their work desk.  When I told them it was time to do some writing, they excitedly ran to their little work station and began to write.  It’s amazing what a little furniture arranging will do for your work attitude!

teak writing stationMaddie writing deskEvie writing desk

Little Red likes to use the dining room table.  Pixie likes the little desk in front of the window in the sitting room and Princess likes my old desk which now sits in the sitting room as well.  Add a lamp to your writing station and that adds extra incentive to write!

So that’s it!  No purchases necessary!   With a little rearranging with what you already have can inspire not only yourself but also your children to get some work in during the day!