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Diary of a Worm First Grade Literature Unit Study

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Diary of a worm collage


Our first Diary of a Worm unit is ready for our June session!  I’ve had so much fun creating these printables to help my 6 year old practice her Kindergarten skills and to also begin a few first grade skills before the fall.  These printables line right up with our book selection for our first week of summer school.

Diary of a Worm is a great literature selection to practice both reading and science skills.  For our summer session we’re going to be studying the science concept of soil and composting.  If you’d like to try a fun, “dirty” unit this summer, these printables might be for you!

For each unit I’ll also be including first grade math skills.  In this unit you’ll find an interactive emergent reader.  This emergent reader also acts as story problems.  I wanted to kill two birds with one stone by including math and reading together.

Worms Word problemssecond worm word problems

There’s a lot of focus on literacy in this unit.  Word families, fact and opinion, opinion writing, sight words, and an emergent reader.

Worm Word Family        Worm Fact or Opinion

Worm Circle MapWorm Writing

Worm Emergent Reader

For science we’re going to do a few science projects.  They include constructing mini composting bins as well as testing to see what makes the best compost.

Another book we’ll be using for this unit will be Wiggly Worms at Work by Wendy Pfeffer.  This is a great book to use for Level 2 Readers and to go along with the science skill: Life Science.

If you want a cute math manipulate to go along with your unit click here.

Be sure to follow my summer Pinterest board for more ideas!

summer screenshot

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