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Elsa Verses The Snow Queen: Fairy Tale Lessons That Stick

Come along with us as we enter into the frozen world of winter themed fairy tales.

the snow queen pic

This month the theme for the Adventure Story Book Club is Fairy Tales.   To accompany this theme I looked for lessons and activities to tie into Hans Christiansen Anderson’s “The Snow Queen. I chose this book because we’re still having winter weather, it’s a less familiar fairy tale to us, and it’s closely related to the story “Frozen.”  I knew my kids were going to enjoy the study!

The story of “The Snow Queen” is a little dark for my taste, but because we’ve already done a lot with the more popular fairy tales, I wanted a story that would challenge my kids a little more.  The story centers around two friends, Gerta and Kai.  One day an evil troll casts a spell on a mirror and shatters it into pieces and they scatter all over the world.  Pieces of the mirror fly into Kai’s eye and into his heart, turning it to ice.  He becomes bitter with hatred and is later captured by the Snow Queen who forces him to work for her.  Gerda goes on a search to find him and finally finds him in the Queen’s castle.  Her tears of love for him washes over his frozen heart and melts it.  He is then released from the Snow Queen’s power.

So, what lessons and activities did I do with my kids?

Sight Word Snowball Fight

snow ball fight

In the story the wind blows open the window and snow flies into the room.  To have a little sight word fun, I thought the kids would enjoy whirling snowballs at each other.  Paper snowballs that is!  On recycled paper I wrote  about 7 different sight words for each of my students. The second grader sight words were thrown by my Kindergartener, and the Kindergarten sight words were thrown by my Second Grade team.  After all of the snowballs were thrown, the kids ran around and tried to read their snowballs.  It was so fun!

sight word snowball

“The Snow Queen” and “Frozen” Story Comparison

On chart paper, we examined the story elements of each story and compared them.  It was exciting to see the kids recalling the events in both stories and seeing the connection between two.  Even my PreK kids got into this activity!

fairy tale comparisons


My Kindergartener wrote about her favorite part of the story…..

the snow queen writing

while my second grader used Becky’s Fairy Tale Pack to practice writing her own fairy tale.  We played the storytelling game, which was really fun, and then she completed the graphic organizer to prepare her story.

story telling game


We listened to pieces of Toblin’s ballet “The Snow Queen” and drew about how it made us feel.  You can download that printable here.  Listening Page 

snow queen music



We tried to obtain Elsa’s frozen powers with this science experiment.  Sadly, ours didn’t work, so we will have to be like any good scientist and try again!

Of course none of these activities held a candle to the fun we had out in our own Ice Palace!  The Lord blessed (should I say blessed?) us with an ice storm and snow this week which tied in perfectly with this week’s lessons.  I love it when He writes our lesson plans!

Let It Go

Thanks for taking the time to read about the fun time we had this week.  Be sure to head over to the other Adventure Story book participants to read about their Fairy Tale fun!

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