Little Log Cottage School

How Solving The Art Mess Has Saved My Life

Holding school in your home can sometimes be a problem.

It can be a problem when your children love to do art projects and your husband is a furniture builder and designer.

It’s great to have all of my furniture be beautiful pieces of art, but it’s not so great to have art projects taking place on top of them.  I’ve tried just about everything to keep my tables from getting splattered with paint, marked up with markers, and decorated with glitter glue.


This had been a very difficult task.  One in which I was not succeeding in very well.  Luckily, a little over a year ago I purchased a roll of Rosen butcher paper to do a Native American project.  I had so much left I began using it to cover the dining room table for our art projects.

Not only has the butcher paper solved our art mess problem, it has also proved to be extremely useful in many other ways.

1.  Gift Wrap

Out of wrapping paper?  No problem.  Wrap a gift in butcher paper and then let your kids use their own personal touch to decorate the paper.

2.  Early Finishers

A lot of times kids will get finished with their art projects before the other kids.  When that happens my early finishers will sit and doodle on the butcher paper until everyone finishes.

3. Easy Clean Up

Someone always spills their water or juice during art or snack time.  The great thing about the Rosen paper is that it doesn’t allow liquid to absorb into the table.  If you spill some paint it will easily dry and you can still use the paper the next day!

messy paint

4. Floor Drawings/Painting

This will easily keep kids occupied for hours.  We used it in our Native American unit to paint tepees.  It would also be fun to draw out a street and drive toy cars all around it.

buther paper2 resize

5. Instant Scratch Paper.

A lot of times my littles will need help writing a letter.  I can draw the letter on the butcher paper for them and then they can practice drawing it before writing it on their writing paper.  Today my second graders used it for scratch paper to solve their addition problems.

math problems

6. Doodle Paper

Some kids are just better listeners when they are doodling.  I can read a book to the class while my doodlers can sit and doodle on the butcher paper.


7.  Floor Paint Cover  

Need to paint a room?  Throw this down on the floor and you have instant floor protection.

8.  Project Paper

This roll is perfect for tracing the outline of your body.  Draw in the parts of the body to study about the nervous system, skeletal system, circulatory system, ect….

Okay, so now you see how giddy I am over my butcher paper.  My husband probably wouldn’t have killed me if we ruined one of his pieces of furniture, but it’s good to know that I don’t have to worry about it with my trusty butcher paper!