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Kindergarten Month in Review

The first month of the new semester is just about gone.  Crazy, right?  Pretty soon we’ll be working on spring activities!

Today I thought I would share what we’ve been doing in Kindergarten.  I see a lot of questions about Kindergarten curriculum, so I thought this could be a useful post.

Pixie has done really well with addition, so this month I’ve introduced subtraction on the number line.  One way to help make this a little more fun was to pull out the counting frogs.  Not only does this help visualize how to use the number line, it’s so much more engaging then using only your finger or pencil to move on the line.  I also have her tell a little story about the frog jumping backwards.  This pours the foundation for story problems and she loves using her imagination to tell the story!

kindergarten review5

We’ve continued to use the Johnny Can Spell cards to practice handwriting and phonemic awareness.   She’s writing the letter “w” and saying it’s sound.

kindergarten review4

She’s actually great at rhyming, but I know it’s a skill that continually needs to be practiced.  She loves using our Match A Sound Rhyming game because it has tons of little manipulatives to use.

kindergarten review1

This month we’ve been doing a lot of winter themed literature units.  Last week we did “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats, and used Jolanthe’s Snowy Day cards to sequence the events of the story.

kindergarten review6

Writing has been a huge focus.  Inspired by this post from Miss Will’s Kindergarten, I began a little interactive writing with Pixie.  After reading “The Snowy Day”, I had her thinking back to the story about what Peter liked to do.  We drew pictures on chart paper and then took turns writing sentences about the pictures.  I drew a line before writing the word, to help show the space between words.

kindergarten review3

Then she copied the pictures and sentence into her own notebook.  She was so proud to have her own writing notebook!  This is her first lesson.  I can already see a huge difference now that we have done about 3 other interactive writing lessons.

kindergarten review2

And that’s all I have captured on my camera this month!  We’ll see if I can do better next month taking pictures of all of her activities.  It’s hard to keep up with her!

Do you have a Kindergartener?  What have you been doing this month?  Please leave a comment below!



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  1. Christa Brown Post author

    Hi Kim! It looks like we are doing a lot of the same things. You’ll have to tell me about the math chants. Those sound interesting. I’m so glad to have another friend with a Kindergartener! Thanks for your comment!