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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

I hope you and your children have been enjoying some fun winter books!  Last month we took a break for the Christmas holidays, but we’re back for some more adventures this year!  This month’s theme is  “THAT’S SNOW FUN!”  There are many, many activities to do and books to read this winter.  So what are you doing with your kiddos?

the biggest best snowman

As I was looking through Pinterest for January themes, I ran across a brilliant post by Simply Second Grade.  Since it’s a little harder to find fun snow activities for older students, I was thrilled to see “snow” many lessons and activities in this blog post.  We used “The Biggest Best Snowman” by Margery Cuyler as our story for the week.


The first activity we participated in was making our own snowman out of ice.  This was a great way to review the states of matter: solid, liquid, gas.

snowmen 1 snowmen 2

When students entered school on Tuesday, they met Olaf.  “This is the best day ever!” exclaimed Little Red when he saw our snowman.

snowmen 3

Second graders began filling out The Life Cycle of a Snowman printable.  We checked on Olaf throughout the day, and began to sadly see him melt.  By the time we came in from recess, Olaf’s head had falling off and was sitting in a tub of water.  So sad!

ballon play

We then put Olaf’s head in a pan and heated him up to show how solids can turn to liquids, and how liquids can turn to gas.  To read the full instructions, visit here.

Language Arts

After reading “The Biggest Best Snowman” on Tuesday, we recorded adjectives that described a snowman.  This was a warm up to help my second graders use descriptive words in their writing which is found in my The Snowy Day Unit.

snowman adjectives

On Wednesday we read the story again.   My PreK and Kindergarteners wrote about their favorite part of the story.  I have high frequency words on the wall plus winter word cards along the white board to help the children spell out the words.

snowmen 5

To practice our sight words I used a poem from This Reading Mama and had my PreK and Kindergarteners practice finding and circling -at words.

snowmen 6

Later in the day, we used the book to help us create our own books on how to build a snowman.  We reviewed the steps in which Little Nell and her friends built a snowman.  I typed out the sentences for each page beforehand and the PreK and Kindergarteners cut and glued on construction paper illustrations.

kindergarten page

My second grader wrote her own sentences.

second grade page

On Thursday, my PreK and Kindergarteners practiced labeling a snowman.

snowmen 7



We all made snowmen glyphs on Tuesday.  All of the kids really enjoyed this.

snowman glyph


On Friday, my Princess and I discussed how all snowflakes are symmetrical.  I used the craft from Cara to practice making patterns and to practice symmetry!


Are you looking for some more fun ideas to celebrate snow?  Here are some more resources:

  • Mrs. Jump’s Class has a great post full of snowmen craftivites that include a lot of writing with your Kindergarteners, and a yummy treat!
  • Teaching Blog Roundup has a fun way to learn about money: a snowman store!  This is perfect for Kindergarten and could be adapted for older students.  I can’t wait to do this next week!
  • Lori’s Page has 12 free second grade common core math stations with a snowman theme!
  • The Techie Playground Do you have older kids?  This post has great ideas to learn about the water cycle and poems!
  • 123 Homeschool 4 Me Have kids who love the movie Frozen?  Then this is the pack for you!


Are you looking for some ideas to help you tie in skills with children’s literature?  Then why not drop back here every month for our Adventure Storybook Club?  This fun club focuses on ways to use crafts, projects, skills, and so much more with our kids’ favorite books!

Don’t forget to download your free Snowy Day packet.  Just click the link below!

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Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventures this week!  Please be sure to drop by the other hosts to see their amazing adventures with “It’s Snow Fun!”

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6 thoughts on “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

  1. Karen @ Simply

    We love Olaf. 🙂 And I think my youngest would enjoy some of these activities you shared.

  2. ofamily2014

    Love it. My kids adore Olaf. We also did something similar with writing words on a snowman this week (I am a bit behind with my pictures for this week due to a burst pipe under our lounge floor). Thanks for sharing the link for the label the snowman must add that it my list my daughter loves doing labelling pages – she is always asking me for them

    1. Christa Brown Post author

      Thanks so much! I didn’t even think of Olaf, but of coarse they immediately named our ice snowman Olaf. Works for me! So sorry about your bursted pipe! Yes, that would make anyone behind! Sure hope it is all settled now. Happy Weekend!