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Thematic Units for January

Thematic Units for January

I can’t believe it’s already a brand new year!  Time flies when you’re having fun with thematic units, right?  I’ve been busy over the Christmas holidays planning for this month because I knew how hard it would be to jump back into things.  I love to keep my themes as relevant to the season as possible, so we ‘ll be doing a lot of cold weather activities.

We may not have had any snow yet, but baby it sure is cold!  After a couple of days with temps in the 60’s, we’ll be finishing up this week in the low 30’s.  Definitely the type of weather for big pots of warm soup and steaming mugs of hot chocolate!

We haven’t been out much this week, but I know the kids are going to be excited to go see Miss Lynn’s frozen fish pond.  They always have the best time breaking off pieces of ice and using them in some sort of imaginary play.  I may freeze my tush off watching them play, but it always warms my heart to see them excited about their winter discoveries.


Anyhow, it’s time to reveal the themes for January!  There really is nothing more exciting than planning themes for an upcoming month. (okay, except for the start of Downton Abby’s new season!)

December 5th-8th- Eskimos/Alaska


  • Read “Mama, Do you Love Me?” by Barbara M. Joosse
  • Vocabulary Maps
  • Compound Words/Writing Sentences/Prefixes, Suffixes
  • PreK and Kindergarten will practice writing beautiful M’s.
  • Participate in a close reading activity
  • Kindergarten will practice writing sight words


  • Learn facts about Alaska and write a friendly letter describing a pretend trip to Alaska
  • Learn facts about moose and write a mini report

Crafts Projects

December 13th- 16th- Alaska’s Volcanoes


  • Learn about Alaska’s landforms


  • Conduct a volcano activity

December 20th-23rd- It’s Snow Fun!


  • Read “The Biggest Best Snowman”
  • Review Adjectives
  • Write Observations of a melting snowman
  • Read “Dream Snow” by Eric Carle
  • Write descriptive sentences
  • Make synonym snowflakes
  • Write the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • write how to build a snowman


  • make snowflake symmetry


  • learn about the three states of water and conduct an experiment


  • Make a snowman glyph
  • make snowmen art

Well, that’s the basic idea for this month.  We’ve got a lot of wintery fun planned that will hopefully make us forget about the cold!  Fingers crossed we may get a little snow to get us in the spirit of the season!

Join us next month for February themes!