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DIY: Easy Bookmark Gifts

Last weekend my Princess went to a gift making class.  With my limited patience for DIY projects, I knew it was best to sign her up with an art teacher to make gifts for family and friends.  However, after I saw how easy and precious this gift turned out to be, I knew we needed to make them with our cottage school friends!


You will need:

  • A camera
  • Card stock
  • A laminator or contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Tassel type thread

First, you will need to take a picture of your child hanging from a rope.  This was the hardest step in this gift making process for us.  My husband is quite the perfectionist and wanted to get the picture just right.  We used three different trees to get the perfect lighting.  Then poor Princess had to hang many, many times by the rope before I could take the “perfect” shot.  But it was worth it!

DIY bookmarks1

After ordering and picking up 8 copies of the same picture, Princess cut herself out and glued it onto some card stock.

DIY bookmarks2

She used contact paper over the picture, but I think laminating would work just as well.  For the last step, she punched a small hole at the top of her book mark and made the tassel.  She gave a little tutorial on how to make the tassel.  This is our first video, and I must say she’s a natural!

Didn’t they turn out super cute?   It makes me smile every time I open my book!  Sometimes I don’t even read my book.  I just open it up to see her cute face!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you do make these, I’d love to see your pics!  Just follow me on Facebook and leave your pictures there!  Happy gift making!







5 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Bookmark Gifts

  1. Serena @ Thrift Diving

    That’s a cute idea! My 8 year old LOVES reading and ends up finding things that shouldn’t be bookmarks to be bookmarks. LOL. This is something we could make together. I have been wanting to get a laminating machine, so that could make it even more sturdy. Thanks for the idea!

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