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Where in the World is Mexico?

A Living History of Our World Charlotte Mason Style History Curriculum
I hope you and your children will have fun and learn along with the Adventure Story Book Club participants!  This month’s theme: Around the World, is sure to get your children excited about geography and culture!  There are many, many places to visit and explore.  Where does your child want to go?

Around the World

In our home we love traveling around the globe by completing projects, making delicious food, and participating in traditional ceremonies performed by the country we are visiting.  We chose to travel to Mexico this month, in honor of their Independence Day on September 16th.  We read several books but really like the book, “Borreguita and the Coyote: A Tale from Ayutla, Mexico” by Verna Aardema.  In this folktale, a ravenous coyote wants to eat the Borreguita. (little lamb)  But the Borreguita outwits him every time!  This book reminded my kiddos of “My Lucky Day”, which is another of our favorites.  I created a printable to go along with this book to help my second graders practice the 5 w’s.


After this activity we all made paper suitcases and drew pictures of what we would take to Mexico.  This activity made us look back to the setting of the story.   Since it mainly takes place on a farm at a foot of a mountain we packed cowboy boots, hats, and climbing rope.  We also made sure to pack underwear.  A lot of kids drew pictures of underwear.  We all know that is very important!


After packing our suitcases I lined up four rows of chairs and announced that it was time to board our flight for Mexico City.  Everyone was very excited and double checked to see if they had packed their Spanish-English dictionary!



Pics of passengers before take off.




Now, reading about hungry coyote made us hungry!  We whipped up some enchiladas one day and listened to Mariachi bands.



mexico6 mexico7


We began the day by using pillowcases to make traditional Mexican clothing.

Here’s what you need:


Fabric paints



For boys:  Cut a U shape at the top of  the pillowcase where it is sewn together.  Then cut down the each seam side of the pillowcase to open it up.  Lay it flat and use fabric paints and sponges to decorate.

For Girls:  Do like for boys, except skip cutting a U shape in the pillowcase.






We also made tacos.  I love studying about Mexico when there is food involved!





Then we learned the Mexican Hat Dance.



Ok, so I’m not so sure how close these pillowcases look like traditional Mexican clothing, but we tried; and we had FUN!



For your FREE 5 W’s Printable DOWNLOAD HERE!!!   5 W’s for Borreguita and the Coyote


I hope some of these activities will inspire you to read some books from Around the World.  We had such a fun week pretending to visit Mexico!  In fact, my kids have been begging me to continue our Mexico study next week!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventure to Mexico!  Don’t forget to join us for next month’s theme: Fall Fun!



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3 thoughts on “Where in the World is Mexico?

  1. blestwithboys

    Oh Christa, that looks like so much fun! I was going to do this book club thing, but didn’t think I’d have time to. It looks like SUCH fun though!!!!!!

    PS I wanted to let you know that the pinnable image isn’t showing up for me. The download worked though! Thank you. 🙂

    1. Christa Brown Post author

      Hi Jenn! I was afraid that I wouldn’t have time for it, too, but I jumped right in. Maybe you will join next time. It IS a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me know about the printable. It’s hard to get things just the way I want them since I’m not self-hoseted. That is my next step. I’m glad the download worked for you!

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