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How to Travel Through The 50 States and Never Leave Your Home(school)

My kids love learning about different places and I love learning along with them!   This means that we are loving 50 States and Where to Find Them.

50 States Collage

From the moment that I saw Barefoot Meandering’s 50 States program I knew I had to have it!   I had already planned to do some more state studies this year, and having a curriculum already laid out for me sounded so appealing!


The content was sent to me as a pdf file, which meant I recieved it as soon as I requested it.  There is an introduction to the program which lays out the components and recommended reading resources for you to use.

50 states3

I chose to begin learning about the state of Arkansas because it is our neighbor.  I printed out the Southern Region page to show my students so they could identify the region in which they live.

50 states1

Locating the State

I also printed out the US map for every student and had them color in the state of Arkansas.  The goal of this program is to learn the location and capital of each state. The kids loved seeing how close Arkansas was to our home state of Tennessee.  Since we have already studied Tennessee, they requested to color Tennessee as well.  My second grader made sure the the younger students were coloring in the correct state!

week 432


Mapping Exercises

The other activity we completed was tracing and adding rivers to our maps.  Some of my little ones tried to make one themselves, but this was better suited for my second graders.  I did draw one out for Pixie, and then she was able to draw the rivers on her own.

After Princess and I located the rivers in a student atlas of the United States,  she drew and labeled the rivers on her outline.

week 425

The only difficult part was our library didn’t have the recommended book to read along with the study.  However, I did find a student atlas at the library that proved to be very resourceful.

week 424

A Little More About the Program

50 States and Where To Find Them has no answers or questions to fill in, but rather relies on resources of rich literature to take you through your journey.  It consists of a main book that includes a geography lesson, information on each region, and information and suggested activities for each state.  Also included are coloring pages of the state flower, state bird, and state flag.  Each region concludes with a crossword puzzle, word search, and a bonus lesson.

What I Love

All of The Maps and Information  It is wonderful to have all of the maps and information already laid out for you.  I no longer have to piece together maps and information from other sites.  The work has been done for me!

States  Studied By Region It makes perfect sense to study one region of the United States at a time.  This makes it so easy for students to identify the landforms and weather patterns of a state.  My kids will understand what is going on in a state by the region in which it is grouped.

Integration of Literature Even though I was not able to use the reading resource for our Arkansas study, I love the fact that there is a literature resource list available!  I don’t know how many hours I have spent looking up literature to go with some of our other state studies before finding this program.  (I have ordered the book on Amazon so I’ll have it for the other state studies!)

Integration of History Every state has a fact page telling a story of our American history.  I love that you can combine both geography and history through one lesson!

Two Purchasing Options  You have two purchasing options available for the main book.  It comes as a PDF file, or you can purchase it through Amazon and receive a print version.  It is nice you can immediately download the file after purchasing.  It also came in handy to print out more than one copy when my child maked a mistake on their first map!

Easily Adaptable For Younger Siblings I am a huge fan of using the same curriculum with all of my kids.  Even though it was a bit more challenging for my Kindergartener and Preschooler to draw out the maps, they could still enjoy coloring in the state and the coloring pages.

Learn More About 50 States And Where to Find Them HERE!!!


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