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Summer School Science

summer science

My kids have been working all of this month on science concepts.  My second graders have also been reviewing first grade math and language skills.  My Kindergarteners have been prepping for beginning addition and subtraction and have been introduced to beginning reading skills.  We have completed two literacy units.  On top of all of this we have also been learning how to read in Spanish!

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This week we were very busy with hands-on learning.  We learned about the three states of matter.  We talked about how everything is made of matter.  In solids the molecules are packed close together.  In liquids, the molecules are farther apart.  In gases, molecules are super far apart so we used cheerios to illustrate this.

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We also did a fun experiment with soda and Mentos.  The kids understood that soda is a liquid with gas in it.  We were very excited to see what would happen when we added Mentos to the soda!

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To show that heat can change a solid to a liquid we made Rice Crispy treats by melting butter (solid) and marshmallows (solid).  After adding the rice cereal we put them into the refrigerator to see how colder temperatures can turn liquids back to solids.

melting butter2

And then we had to eat them…..

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To show how water can turn into water vapor, we made a puddle and outlined it on our driveway.  After 30 minutes we checked to see what had happened.  We observed that the puddle had decreased.  Again, the kids were very excited to see that their experiments had worked!

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To end the summer session we made Root Beer floats to again show that soda is a liquid with a gas and when you put in a solid (ice cream) the gas will rise to the top.

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Counting practice game with my 3 year olds.  We used Hi Ho Cherry O!

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Numbers that make 10.  I wanted to challenge my upcoming Kindergarteners so I created a Number Bonds printable to go along with Bartholomew and the Oobleck.    To read about our lessons with Dr. Seuss’s book, Bartholomew and the Oobleck, click HERE.

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More Summer Fun

Reading, reading, and more reading!

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Cone heads.

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Playing around.

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Celebrating with a fiesta and a piñata.

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Download the Oobleck Number Bond page HERE!!!     Oobleck 10 number bonds!!


























Happy Summer!




0 thoughts on “Summer School Science

  1. Less to More

    Love the science ideas! We haven’t done these. In studying the states of matter, I feel like I’m finding the same ole’ experiments. We put this one on the shelf this past year, but I was wanting to revive it again. And, I’m sure my kids will get into the Rice Krispies demo. 🙂

    1. Christa Brown Post author

      Yes, there are a lot of the same ole experiments that are done with states of matter. I had to go through a list of ideas with my daughter to see which ones that she would want to do. The rice Krispies just came to me one day when the cottages school kids were leaving and I was trying to think of an activity that would be fun for the last day of summer school. They did really like helping make them and identifying what was happening as we made our special treat!

  2. Kim Teamer

    Thanks, Christa! I loved the ideas. I even shared the info with my husband. He’ll be doing two of your science projects with our kids. 😉