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Kindergarten Literacy Unit- The Listening Walk & Sound



We worked with the The Listening Walk Kindergarten printables for three days.  Here’s a bit of the fun we had this week….

We began every morning with this verse.  I cut apart the words on the last day and had the kids put it together.

Sound Activities10

We reviewed the elements of a story.

reading readiness2

Practice writing the letter “s” on our poetry page.

lw activities



Our first compare and contrast activity using the stories “The Listening Walk” and “I Went Walking“.

lw activities_2

lw activities_3


Counting Syllables activity

lw activities4


We used a Kindergarten Literacy Big Book that was donated by another teacher to review book title, author, and illustrator. 

Sound Activities13


Cut and paste the author’s name

lw activities7





I created our first counting by 5’s activity.  This helped the kids realize that there is a faster way to count (or add) objects.  They don’t have this concept down yet, so we will be continuing this activity over the next several weeks.

lw activities8

We used the pattern blocks A Lot!  If you don’t have a set of pattern blocks, I highly recommend them!  I used the alphabet pattern block cards from Confessions of A Homeschooler to practice on our S.

Sound Activities1

We got very creative and made our own pictures with the pattern blocks.

Sound Activities2


We played around with sound by using empty soda bottles.  We made our own bottle xylophone by filling the the first bottle with water and then filling the bottles with slightly less than the one before it.  We used food coloring to see the different levels of water.

Sound Activities3

Next we used a wooden spoon to play our xylophone!

Sound Activities5

We had a rainy week, so for one of our listening exercises we had to sit on the porch and listen.

Sound Activities6


We used the “Things I Hear” printable to cut and paste our observations.

lw activities6

Sound Activities9


Then we practiced our public speaking skills by sharing with the class what we heard.

Sound Activities7

We finally had a nice day to go into Miss Lynn’s forrest backyard to listen and record our observations.

Sound Activities11


The best part of the week was making phones out of paper cups and strings.  The kids had a blast with this experiment!

Sound Activities14  Sound Activities15


Miss Francis, our Spanish teacher, suggested that everyone feel the string vibrate as they talked to their friend.

Sound Activities16


A few items that we used….

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