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Who Sank The Boat Literacy Unit in Action

WSTB in action

I recently shared our Who Sank The Boat?-Kindergarten Literacy Unit.   We completed the unit at school this week and I want to share it with you!  This unit was a great way to assess my kiddos and to help me plan for the skills we need to cover before we begin again in the fall.


We spread the activities out over 3 days.  The summer is a much more relaxed, so we made sure to take our time with the activities.  I divided this post into days, so you can get a better feel for how we worked through the unit.


Our day always begins with the pledge.  And since flag day is coming up, we are learning to sing the chorus of “You’re a Grand Old Flag.

WSTB in action3



After the pledge I introduced the theme for the week and explained that there are a lot of stories in the bible that have boats in them.  I found a coloring page of  Matthew 8:26 where Jesus commands the wind and sea.

WSTB in action2


We read “The Magic School Bus Ups and Downs” to help us understand how things sink and float.

We went out into Miss Lynn’s forrest backyard and found objects to use for boats and tested them in her fish pond.  We did clean the fish pond afterwards!

WSTB in action6


The science experiment for the day was Bottle Diver.  The kids LOVED to press on the bottle to make the diver dive to the bottom.

WSTB in action_1


WSTB in action_2


After all of that fun, we ended the day with a little writing practice.

WSTB in action_3


Day Two

We began the day by reading “Who Sank The Boat.

tot school pics_1


We had a great whole group lesson using the sequence cards on the pocket chart.

WSTB in action_4


WSTB in action_6


We read the emergent reader together.

WSTB in action_7


And then used our sight word clothes pins for review.

WSTB in action8


WSTB in action9


Getting outside to play with the parachute was tons of fun!

tot school pics_8


And taking a minute to read Little Bear’s Little Boat.

WSTB in action_8



Before our friends left for the day, we cut and pasted  the author of “Who Sank The Boat?” and what an author does.

WSTB in action_10


After I put Little Red down for his nap, Pixie and I came out to the school area on the porch to play a quiet game of Go Fish.  She often works better when it is just the two of us.

WSTB in action_11

WSTB in action_12

Day Three

Day three began with another reading of “Who Sank the Boat”.  My Pixie insisted that she read the title to everybody.  After we reread the story, we sorted the characters, setting, and events as a whole class.

WSTB in action_18



Inventive spelling journal page 

WSTB in action_19

WSTB in action_20

To get ready for our sink or float experiments, we all used modeling clay to test our boats in a baby pool.

WSTB in action10


My husband dropped in for a few minutes and snapped a picture of us making our predictions.

WSTB in action11



Here is how our experiment played out.  They LOVED experimenting with ways to make their boats float!

WSTB in action12


WSTB in action13


Then we got out our Little Labs Boat Experiment kit and made a boat with a motor.  If you haven’t used the Little Lab kits, I highly recommend it.  My kids LOVE them!

WSTB in action15

WSTB in action14


We also practiced our sight words by circling the sight words in each sentence.

WSTB in action16

WSTB in action17

We got the Go Fish cards out again and the kids had a blast playing!  We will have to get these back out next week!

WSTB in action19

WSTB in action20


See the printables for the unit here! Who Sank The Boat?-Kindergarten

Got tots?  I have a few printables to go along with this unit here! Who Sank The Boat Tot Pack

Check out what I’ve started for our summer Pinterest Board!

Here are suggestions of books and learning resources to go along with the unit!

If you use this unit will you let me know? Email, comment, or share on my Facebook page!

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