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Insights From My Reader Survey and What They Mean for You

Last week I posted my Reader Survey.  The results from this survey will not only benefit me, but will ultimately benefit you, by helping me improve the content I create.



If I were to boil the results down to a “reader’s profile” this is what it looks like.

  • My typical reader is a female (100%) between the ages of 35-44 (44.4%)
  • She has at least a college degree (38.64%) or a graduate degree (38.64%)
  • She lives in the US (94.74%)
  • Her faith is very important (73.68%)
  • She is especially interested in my blog posts related to teaching strategies (38.89%) thematic units (33.33%) and Kindergarten Lessons and Resources (27.78%)

Based on my readers’ comments this is what I have concluded:

  1. Keep posting.  This survey encouraged me to continue and to post as or more often.
  2. Focus more on teaching strategies.  Since I have a child beginning Kindergarten this year, I have started to post more content on Kindergarten lessons.  I will continue to do so, but I will shift a bit and focus more on strategies.
  3. Keep encouraging, connecting, and making learning fun.  Readers like the encouragement and the connection to other links and resources.  They also like the lessons that encourage play and fun.
  4. Keep providing secular homeschooling material.  I am not afraid to express my faith, but I want to reach as broad of an audience as possible without making anyone feel excluded.  The survey has encouraged me to continue to live my faith more than preach it!
  5. Stay with my plan to host my own site.  Some suggested that I have a source list for resources on my blog.  I wholeheartedly agree!  By using I am limited on how I design my site.  As a result, I am planning to move to a self hosted platform that will give us more options.

Do you have any additional insights about the survey?  Will you please give them to me?

5 thoughts on “Insights From My Reader Survey and What They Mean for You

  1. Less to More

    Thank you for all the resources that you share! It’s helpful for me as a homeschooling mom. I would have to agree as well, that self-hosting would be the way to go, considering how your blog is set up … it will open more doors and give you more flexibility.

  2. Kim Teamer

    I appreciate everything you have shared, Christa. I’ll definitely be joining you on the ride. Will you be providing a final link up post that directs traffic to your new site?

      1. Kim Teamer

        Actually, I’m ok with right now. No plans for a formal move on this end. I will sign up to follow you when you transition though. 🙂 You’re such an incredible encourager and teacher!