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The Listening Walk- Kindergarten Literacy Unit With Printables


Our second Kindergarten literature unit is ready!  I have been busy getting everything ready for our summer session and am excited to share our plans with you!

The Listening Walk is a great book that we will be using with our theme on sound.  When summer hits we try to do many of our lessons outside.  If you are continuing with learning this summer, this unit might be for you!  This unit also ties in another classic Kindergarten book, “I Went Walking“.  This is a catchy, predictable book that helps develop reading patterns and reinforces color words in young learners.

In each unit I am including Kindergarten math goals that my parents gave me to work on this summer with their children.  For this unit I selected counting by 5’s and understanding an amount of a number.



There are a lot of literacy activities; compare and contrast, sequencing, identifying author and illustrator, handwriting poetry page, and syllable counting.

reading listening walk1  reading listening walk2

reading listening walk4  reading listening walk5


reading listening walk6


For science, we will be focusing on what makes sound.  We will be taking “Listening Walks.”

science listening walk

We will be conducting experiments.

Seeing Sound

Phone a Friend

Bottle xylophones

I’ve started collecting fun projects on my Pinterest Board!

Here are the books and other items to use in the unit.

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