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Summer School- Frogs


I’m sharing a study that we did last year for our summer session.  Since this summer’s session doesn’t begin until next week I thought I would share our past summer studies! As you can see by our books and observation tools, we had a lot of fun learning about frogs! We read a lot of Frog and Toad friendship stories to go along with our nonfiction frog and toad study.  We completed projects and had lots of outdoor exploration time to practice our science skills!

Literature/Journal Writing/Vocabulary

We read Frog and Toad Are Friends: The Lost Button.   This is a Level 2 book which means that children who recognize familiar words and sound out words with help could read this book.  The vocabulary words that we used from the book were “thick” and “meadow”.  To assess their knowledge of these two words I had them draw pictures of “thick” frogs in a “meadow”.

frog journals1


Getting up in front of our peers to explain our journals was a great way to practice public speaking!

frog journals2


Another great journaling idea is to use a stuffed animal (we chose a frog  to go along with the theme) to motivate journaling. The students took turns taking the “Share Frog” home with them for the weekend.   They kept a  journal of all the adventures they had together!   One student baked muffins with the “Share Frog”. Another student took the “Share Frog” on her family vacation!  The kids all LOVED this activity!

frog theme1

For another piece of literature we read The Frog Prince.   This is book is a Level 1-2, which means that Kindergarten and First Graders could read it.  After reading the story and discussing the setting the students made individual maps to go along with the story. It was a great way to have the students use their imaginations and creativity to retell the setting of the story.

frog theme2

Art Projects/Science

Frog Life Cycle Project!  Students paint a paper plate and then let it dry…..

frog theme3

Then we glued on the pictures of the frog life cycle and used bubble wrap as the eggs.  I LOVED how it turned out!

frog theme5

Habitat Paintings!   We used water colors to paint a habitat for our frogs. I loved the diversity in the colors of the ponds and the frogs that were created. You’ll never go wrong finding a way to incorporate painting into a lesson!

frog theme6

Frog and Toad Differences!  The kids used lentils to glue all over a pattern of a toad to show that toads have bumpy skin.  They painted the toad in the ground to show his habitat.

summer projects11

Play and Learning

If you are studying about frogs you have to play Leap Frog!

frog theme8

Alphabet Hopscotch!  One of our favorite activities was to make up our own games. The students made this game up one day before heading in to do a project. I added a little educational twist and voila. Here are some ways to play:
1) Throw your stone on a letter, hop to the letter, say the letter, pick up the stone and hop back.
2) Throw your stone on a letter, hop to the letter, say every sound the letter can make, pick up the stone and hop back.
3) Give your student a word to spell. The student must throw the stone on the first letter, hop to the letter, pick up the stone and throw it to the next letter. This continues until the word is spelled.
The students LOVED this game and I love how they  combined fun, recess, creativity, and learning!

frog theme9

Frog Party

We try to end a unit by celebrating!  We made our own Frog themed snacks and bought Frog cookies from the bakery.

frog theme7

While I was going through these pictures from last year, my kids kept excitedly exclaiming, “Oh!  I remember when we did that!”  Yep, I think that this unit was a hit!

Books I used for this unit:

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11 thoughts on “Summer School- Frogs

  1. roylcoblog

    Absolutely love the activity with gluing lentils onto the frog illustrations. What a great sensory project! Overall, wonderful post, I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Christa Brown Post author

      How lucky that your children get to catch frogs! We haven’t been able to find any around where we live. So glad that this will enrich their fun! Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. Jill

    What great ideas for learning about frogs!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!