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Messy Fun!-Learning For The One-Room School!


Hi everyone! I’ve received many questions on how I teach preschool and first grade in the same classroom.

We had a great lesson combining two different skill levels  so I thought I would pass it along.   My preschoolers and tots are learning to write their letters and my first graders are learning to spell challenging words. For a fun activity (and to clean our desks) my preschooler practices writing her letters  in shaving cream.




My first grader practices writing her spelling words.




Another fun and engaging activity (especially for summer) is “Buried Letters”.  There are many ways to adapt this activity, but this is how we played it.

I used little ice cube trays filled with rice, and hid a letter in each ice cube hole.  However, if you have a sand box, this would be a lot of fun to hide the letters in it!  I just used the little magnetic letters that you can get at the dollar store.

For those still learning their letters call out a letter and see who can find it in the rice/sand.  For your spellers call out a word and have them hunt for all of the letters that spelled that word.



Everyone had fun and worked on skills that pertained to them. One of the many advantages of being part of a one- room school is the “natural tailoring of the curriculum to the child’s needs.” Look for activities that are fun, engaging, and that can be adapted to fit every child.

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