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Where Would We Be Without Trees?- Lessons and Activities For Young Learners


tree lessons

Welcome to our unit about trees!  As you probably know, I don’t follow a curriculum but devise my plans around a central theme.  I break our activities down for the week by subjects so you can see what we did each week.

Literature Based Lessons

We read the fictional book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.  The students were very sad for the tree after reading this book.

the giving tree

My older students completed a little comprehension packet to go along with the book.  You can find this at

the giving tree2

My littles are still working on color word and number identification.  I gave them another color by number page and boy let me tell you! Color words are starting to sink in!  Woo Hoo!

the giving tree3

On another day we read, “Tell Me Tree” by Gail Gibbons.  As we read this nonfiction story the students would tell me things to add to our bubble map about trees.  My PreK students were so excited that they wanted to be the ones to write the words on the board.  Way to go PreK!

roots and soil1

I have another PreK student who loves to draw.  He’s become the class illustrator.  To add a little writing practice to his work he drew a picture of a tree and copied the word “soil” to label his picture.

roots and soil2

For a little craftivity, we cut out trees and wrote, “Tell Me Tree” on them.  Then we cut out leaves and wrote words that were associated with trees.  You can find this craftivity over at Thank God It’s First Grade.

tell me tree craft1

tell me tree craft2tell me tree craft3

Science Discoveries 

We then went on nature walks to compare trees.  This is what we found:

Different trees have different types of bark.



We also found leaves that helped us identify what kind of trees were in the forrest yard.  We used an encyclopedia to help us identify the leaves.


Some of us just like to monkey around in trees.  Trees can be so much fun!

tree climbing1

On another day, we took yarn and connecting cubes out to the forrest back yard.  We all chose a tree and then used the yarn to measure the tree’s circumference.  Then we used connecting blocks to see how many connecting cubes long our tree’s circumference turned out to be!  We made some astonishing discoveries that day!

tree measuring4tree measuring1


We always end the day with an activity or project.  One of our projects was to use a paper bag and crumple it up to resemble a tree trunk.  Then the kids cut out a crown for their trees.  They then listed everything they could think of that comes from a tree.

paper trees2

We have only one more week this semester with our cottage school friends.  But, we will still be learning and playing until they join us again.  I do plan to keep blogging through our break!

4 thoughts on “Where Would We Be Without Trees?- Lessons and Activities For Young Learners

  1. Christa Brown

    Thanks so much, Kim! It was a really fun week. Getting ready to wind down for the year so pumping up the fun outdoor activities! Hope that you all had a great week!

  2. Adelien Tan

    They are wonderful pictures. I love the activities. We are doing botany this year as well. I like to see how the children enjoy the activities. Thank you for sharing.