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Lessons From The Teacher: Creative Games For the Natural Environment


Here’s another great idea for getting kids outside and using their natural environment for creative play.  My friend, Debbie, used this activity with her phys-ed classes.  It was one of her favorite ways to spark creative play while fostering a spirit of collaboration and compromise.

Get children into groups of two or three

Invite them to use 3-5 items that they find in nature (pine cones, leaves, pebbles, sticks, ect…)

Now have them create a game with these four rules:

1. You have to play together (no one play with one item and someone else play with something else)

2. Stay in your area

3. Use two or more of the items that they found

4. Give your game a name

ImageThe kids are talking over the rules of their game.

Games and Rules become increasingly important as child grow.  It helps children learn how to deal with competition, rules, and the real world.  Making up your own game with peers teaches children to be creative, to take turns, to compromise, and to be flexible.

Natural Environment has major benefits for kids.  Getting them outside and into nature is vital for the well being of our children.  It improves concentration, health, cognitive development, observations, imagination, creativity, peace, and buffers out daily stressors.

Play is vital for kids to learn and develop.  Sadly, our nation is downsizing the importance of play in schools.  So, as parents it is our job to get kids outside to play, create, and to release daily stress in what God has so graciously given us.  Everyone needs to get out and smell the flowers!


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